Tax Compliances & Planning

Business Tax Compliance ; Planning are comprehensive solution set designed to assist executives in meeting their statutory accounting and reporting requirements while maintaining working capital efficiency, Our approach is flexible and scalable, capable of supporting your team as little or as much as you need: from statutory accounts preparation to full compliance outsourcing. Whether you need tax compliance, statutory reporting or tax accounting calculation support, we will deliver a flexible, high quality, cost-effective service that supports your requirements and helps you deliver value to your business.

Transfer Pricing Studies

In today's internationally intergraded business environment, transfer pricing has emerged as a critical success factor in corporate strategic planning and executive decision-making. More and more, companies focused on growth and market leadership are recognizing the important role transfer pricing can play in minimizing the corporate tax burden, enhancing operational performance, reducing legal exposure and increasing cash flow. It is an international tax issue of significant interest and impact, and now is the time to get on top of its meaning and implications. Every year, more countries follow the U.S. lead in challenging companies on their transfer pricing activities and imposing onerous penalties on those in noncompliance.

International Human Capital

The practice of human resources management has evolved dramatically over the recent years. The rising demands for global workers as well as the organizational and cultural issues emerging from the dramatic pace of change are major considerations. But what exactly social, economic, environmental and demographic factors will have an impact on your business? Even if those changes are sufficiently dealt with to satisfy ordinary business operation. But will it be enough to manage talent crisis given the cost efficiency as one of major consideration?

Mergers & Acquisitions

The factors that have recently been identified with deal success. Key Findings are:

  1. A correlation between merger activity and increasing shareholder value
  2. Cash deals had significantly higher returns than stock deals and stock and cash deals
  3. Acquisitions by smaller acquirers (based on market capitalization) were more successful than those by larger acquirers
  4. Acquirers and targets with low P/E ratios resulted in the most successful deals
  5. Acquirers with one to two previous deals in the prior two years performed best; those with ten or more performed worst
  6. Transactions that were motivated by increasing;financial strength; and improving distribution channels were most successful
  7. Deals that were motivated by vertical integration and acquiring intellectual property or technology were least successful
  8. The geographic location of the acquirers and targets was not statistically significant

Assurance & Business Accounting Services

Assurance Services include:

  1. Compilation
  2. Review
  3. Audit and related reports on internal control
  4. Agreed upon Procedures
  5. Litigation support assistance
  6. Fraud audits
  7. Forensic accounting procedures
  8. Internal audit assistance engagements
  9. Sarbanes Oxley Section 404 compliance

With each assurance engagement, in accordance with appropriate professional standards, we strive to provide added value. As a competent consultant we seek to provide insights to increase profitability and accomplish business objectives. We expect to deliver our services in the most effective and efficient manner.


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